CCTVs have proven to be a great help in crime prevention and detection and are being successfully used in many circumstances and places. Conversely, Closed Circuit Televisions being in many public places is a threatening fact to people's privacy. Just imagine that everywhere you go, there's a big chance that a CCTV system has been installed there. For many this feels like they are being watched at almost all times; that's not a pleasant thought. However, the thought that Closed Circuit Televisions can bring more safety can act as a comfort that undoubtedly outweighs any negatives.

A common mistake is that security cameras will last forever without a need to upgrade as technology improves but this is just not the case at all. In fact, it's much easier to find a suitable upgrade every few years than it is to try to handle the growing needs of your organization on old technology that grows obsolete as security trends change and improve over time. If you're interested in a closer look at Samsung's produce offering for the security market, then you may want to check into three overlooked Samsung CCTV cameras that have strong features that would make them highly useful in today's demanding surveillance environment.

*Complex cabling is just another disadvantage that comes with high resolution security cameras. If you really want to record the scene going on in the premises then you need to take the help of DVR (digital video recorder) systems. Associating DVR systems along with CCTV security cameras is a brilliant idea but cabling complexities and the problem of managing of the cables will always be there.

These are best for you if you have only one location to constantly monitor. Most surveillance cameras are easy to install, and you can do the installation yourself. There are, however, other models that require professional help.

CCTV is extensively being used in security system of industries, banks, super markets homes and all such places which are perceived as strategically and financially important. Commercial establishments using CCTV have increased manifolds in UK although it is not so common in US as it is perceived as a privacy threat. New York City has about 4000 CCTV installations and most of which are in shopping malls and other public places such as Liberty Statue, Lincoln Express, British Parliament, and places of strategic importance. Traffic monitoring and prosecution & crime detection have leapfrogged with the advent of CCTV.